”..I will.” He was glad, glad she didn’t push him away like she could have. Yet he knew that this was possibly the last stupid act he could pull. Jane was his daughter and he hadn’t act like a father when he left.

He moved over to her side and carefully reached to grab her shoulder. “…” Saying he was sorry didn’t come without trouble. He hadn’t meant to leave without noticed. But it was clear he had hurt those he loved most. “..I’m sorry.." he breathed, squeezing her shoulder in the hope she’d believe him.

She relaxed when he placed a hand on her shoulder. Her father was back. Not the bastard in Blackgate, not even the Caped Crusader himself, Bruce was back, and she was happy. “You idiot.” There was no heat behind her words, only a familial fondness.

She wasn’t big on touchy feely moments, usually they made her somewhat uncomfortable, unless she was drunk, then she didn’t have a problem. But this time, she was glad to give the man she truly considered her father a hug. “It’s not okay, but it is forgiven.”



”..I didn’t expect anything..” When he left he hadn’t been clear, he had vanished without warning and spent ages trying to figure out how to deal with what had happened. He had built foundations upon stone and found himself falling without any safety lines.
I don’t expect anything now…" He didn’t have the right to expect anything, not after doing what he did. He could only hope.

Jane gave a heavy sigh, leaning onto the table behind her, and resting her head in her hands. Her shoulder’s drooped like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. “Jesus Christ Bruce.” She sighed. “If you leave again, just     just leave a note.” She looked back up at him with a small smile. “I am glad you’re back. Even if I’m pissed you left in the first place.”


Send ‘Zzz’ for a short drabble/reaction of to my character waking up to see yours sleeping with them in their bed.

Maybe it was the rainstorm, maybe it was the ridiculous long drive. Either way at some point they had both fallen asleep. The hunter’s head resting against the window and his body hunched into some half-assed attempt at laying down. Yet when morning came, he was met with a sore neck and attempted to stretch he stopped at the feeling of something resting against his side.
Blinking the sleep from his eyes and bringing a hand up to rub his face the Winchester glanced down to look at the source of this foreign weight. A smile tugging at his face when he saw the woman passed out against his arm. Her dad might have been a tool and her ‘brother’ a weirdo, but all in all Jane was pretty cool.

And even though Dean had little family to care for it was moments like these, with the car parked beneath a tree and the sun peeking over road, that he felt content.

Then again.. he couldn’t let her sleep on like that. Reaching over to the radio carefully and a grin on his face he flipped the radio on, ramble on blasting way too loud on the radio in an attempt to get the day started on a good note…. a great one.

Act 1: The Place People Go to get Cured • death-cannot-stop-me • Silent Hill


The face laughed, the tight tendrils of flesh attached to the door and its steel frame swaying as it did so. The eyes rolled back into its sockets as it laughed, leaving only the whites of the eyes and the thin, red veins that pumped the blood to them. 

"You pathetic things are so naive!" It said, in its laughter. It stopped laughing, and the eyes rolled back to look at her. "I’m attached to the door. I am the door! Shoot me, and you don’t get past." After the words were spoken, it made another deep, sexual moan; like that of a man after orgasm.

"I-I want something! And I can’t get it, cause I can’t move! But-But, you can move! It’s destiny that brought you to me, and it’s destiny that left me here for you! I just want something, and you can give it to me." A long, light pink tongue unfurled from its maw, licking its lips in delight. "I want flesh! Just a little! Just a little to keep me going, that’s all! I’m so hungry, dear lady. So hungry, indeed!"

It laughed again, its eyes twirling around in their sockets, unnaturally and frighteningly. “If I had legs and arms, I’d just eat that sweet, tasty pussy of yours!” The creature said, in its laughs. “But I can’t!” It said, angrily, abruptly stopping its laughter. “I just want a little finger. Just a little one. And it doesn’t have to be yours! I know that there’s a little rat scuttling around the sewers. That one that brought you to me! Just get me his finger. Get me the flesh!

A small disgusted snarl broke out over her face, what she wouldn’t give to just kill the damn thing, but as it had pointed out, if she killed it she wouldn’t get through the door. “Motherfucker.” Jane muttered under her breath. This thing, whatever it was, was vile and disgusting. Her jaw clenched in annoyance.

She had no issue with killing. Back in Gotham she had perfected the art of murder, but there was no way in hell she was heading back to the dark sewers. And she wasn’t going to kill an innocent man, even if he was crazy. A small smirk came over her face, she knew exactly where and who she would be getting the flesh from. One of Vavalti’s men. The one at the bottom of the stairs.

"Alright. Give me a minute and I’ll get you some… flesh. I’ll get you a whole hand in fact. And then you let me pass and you stay the fuck away from me. That’s the deal, understand?" As soon as thing thing agreed, she would get the flesh for this thing. It would be easy to run down the stairs, cut the hand off of the dead man, and return to feed this monstrosity.



"I didn’t leave without ‘problem’. Had I been able to stay I would have." Nothing went easy. And with every dissapearance there was explaining to do. He had a family, he still had those who mattered most. Even though one component was gone he still had them and he didn’t need anyone else.
"I didn’t leave you or Damian…" he left her.

Jane had heard it before, excuse after excuse. She shook her head, a small frown on her face. “Sure as hell felt like you left.” She scoffed, taking an unconscious step back. It was like all the issues she had buried were popping up again. “I mean did you seriously expect me to just understand that you left.”




"Are you seriously going to feed me that bullshit?"


”..I lost family, Jane. I was no use to the city nor to you. Not in that state.” He makes another attempt to open up, hoping to give an answer that suffices.

I was your family. And you left me no problem.” She told him, arms crossed over her chest. She understood his reasoning, but she was too pissed and too hurt to actually tell him that.

Ugh, I have to go to Walmart to get groceries for my apartment. I’ll be back in like an hour, hopefully less.



Imagine your OTP stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight. 



"Leaving was the only option available at the time."

"Are you seriously going to feed me that bullshit?"

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Renee Montoya as she originally appeared in Batman: the Animated Series
Yeah, she’s a lesbian cop. 


Renee Montoya as she originally appeared in Batman: the Animated Series

Yeah, she’s a lesbian cop.